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Everything you need to know about ChatGPT and marketing

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how can chatgpt change marketing

Oftentimes, I have heard about AI replacing works in the future. While it sounds scary, but its also fun to see the developments happening in this space. Working in SEO and digital marketing space, I have seen a lot of tools that can create content without much effort. The latest addition to a such tool is ChatGPT, which is taking the internet to storm.

What is ChatGPT ?

ChatGPT is basically a chatbot, which is a computer program specifically designed to simulate the conversation with human users on the internet. GPT3 is getting popular because of its ease of use. With GPT3 you can get quick answers to your questions, write CV, even homeworks and so much more in seconds.

Chat based generative or Chat GPT is based on the principles of GPT3 which is the third generations of pre-trained transformer model. Open AI bought its language generating system GPT3.

what is chat gpt and its limitations

Why use chatbots?

Chatbots are beneficial for social media and website to improve the customer experience. I am pretty sure, we all have seen the chatbots on different platforms, where bots are ready to give you an answer. Isn’t that an amazing tool to find out things easily and hassle free? In any business chatbots can be really beneficial because of the customer service it provides.

Is chatGPT really good?

AI is still not on it advanced form yet, there are ongoing developments which is mindblowing. Likewise, ChatGPT is amazing, the human like conversation is awesome and really interesting to see what more we can do with it in real time.

You can check out this twitter thread if you want to learn more about chatGPT and how AI will change the future. However, the conclusion is subjective from people to people.

Will ChatGPT change SEO and marketing Industry forever

Answer is yes and no. AI will definitely cut the time short to create content for social media and website, but it cannot replace a human mind. You will still need humans to interfere in some aspects. I asked question on ChatGPT and this was the answer, check the image below.

will chatgpt replace marketing

We can confirm that, yes. AI will definitely have its own benefit, but when it comes to digital marketing, there are so many things involved. Take SEO, there are hundred things to be done to optimize well. It will take a human effort to optimize for search engine. Thus, ChatGPT will not replace SEO professionals or digital marketers, while it can make some part of their work easier. So, people discussing SEO will die after this, hold on. You will still have to do off page marketing yourself, you will still need to optimize your website on your own and so on.

It may be able to eliminate the job roles like SEO interns and entry level jobs whom companies hires for such tasks, but not fully risk the job of marketers.

How can GPT3 be beneficial for marketers?

Especially for content marketers, the tool can be really useful. You can easily ask the AI bot about your queries, and you have an easy answer, as if you are conversing as oppose to searching on Google and finding answers through various blog posts and articles. Content writers can just type simple words and they can have a whole blog ready within seconds. The long hours of writing or conceptualizing is cut to more than a halve.

For SEO, you can also ask for meta description, and it is ready for you. The hours to conceptualize the meta tags is cut short too. But as a marketer, will I be hundred percent sure to keep it? No, because it can never compare to the human brain. Sometimes, it can be accurate but I would want to tweak it a little bit. You know what you are doing better than a computer.

Is it a threat to Google?

Only time will say that, however looking at things it may not be a threat to Google as of now.

ChatGPT specializes in giving a realtime answer to your questions and much more. However, Google crawls the websites, indexes and then give an answer that you are looking for with many options to choose from. ChatGPT is more for users who needs answers real quick and essentially on a human tone.

As of now, I do not see that ChatGPT is a threat to Google. In Google, I can still find answers in many forms, may be not in a human conversation way but its still fine and does its job. While, both of their work looks kind of similar, in many ways it is not. It can definitely be a competition to Google, but not threat as of now. Also, chatGPT has some limitations to how much it can provide information.

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